About the Issue

About The Issue Of Violence Against Women

The goal of the UNTIL THE VIOLENCE STOPS: NYC festival is to bring the issue of violence against women and girls front and center. In order to understand the grave importance of this cause, one must know that violence is an issue that plagues all women and men in every part of the world. To better show the depth and scope of violence against women, V-Day has compiled a list of statistics and resources that evidence the impact that violence against women has on the indivdual, and the community.  One of V-Day’s purposes is to amplify the work of existing groups, thus, since V-Day does not provide direct services, the resources listed here are from exceptional groups working to end violence against women locally, nationally and internationally.  We hope that the knowledge that violence against women and girls is a common issue for all people will inspire you to join V-Day and UNTIL THE VIOLENCE STOPS: NYC in our mission to make New York City a safe place for women and girls.

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